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Conference - debate: Which solutions in crisis

The Movement of the Jeunes de l' Essonne organises a conference - debate in Evry on Monday, March 9th, 2009 at 20 h 30, room Bexley.

With the cooperation of Daniel Bachet, master of conference in sociology to the University of Evry and Liêm Hoang Ngnoc, master of conference in economy to the University of Paris 1.


What solutions in crisis?

In October 2008, one of the Diplomatic World threw:« When Wall Street became socialist». The crisis which lasts for several months jostles many liberal dogmas.
Force is to note that several measures which seemed inconceivable, only four months ago, are apparently reconsidered by all governments today. For reason, every country offers its own solutions in crisis: nationalisation of banks, revival by consumption, restarts by the investment etc. But while these plans of revivals succeed one another, they obey no cohesion and no coherence. Also several questions stay suspends it.
Found they really the means to control the destination of the poured money? It is indeed possible to wonder if the about 1800 thousand million euro injection in the banking system, by the States of the Eurogroup, allows to answer and to tell economic and social crisis, which is always
in front of us. Because crisis is very structural and not short-term. It asks especially the question of the purpose of these plans of revivals: It is
simply to restart the liberal economic machine? The State has vocation only to be the fireman of a society of market, or he must show himself
more interventionniste in future? Should the crisis not lead us to rethink the capitalist and liberal system? To conclude, what solutions in crisis in short, medium and long-term?

To try to answer these questions, the Movement of the young people socialist organises a conference - debate in Evry, room Bexley on Monday, March 9th around themes: «What solutions in crisis?»



At this occasion, a massive campaign in summer thrown in all Essonne to participate in this event.

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